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Banner Sizes
Indoor Door Banner: 450mm x 150mm - 1.5ft x 0.5ft
Indoor Medium Banner: 1200mm x 400mm - 4ft x 1.3ft
Indoor Large Banner: 1800mm x 600mm - 6ft x 2ft
Outdoor Door Banner: 450mm x 150mm - 1.5ft x 0.5ft
Outdoor Medium Banner1200mm x 400mm - 4ft x 1.3ft
Outdoor Large Banner1800mm x 600mm - 6ft x 2ft

Party Pack Contents:
2x Indoor Door Banner
1x Indoor Medium Banner
1x Indoor Large Banner
1x Outdoor Door Banner
1x Outdoor Medium Banner
RRP Over £65 sold separately
Our Indoor Banners are made out of 180g uncoated high quality paper which can be reused and recycled
Our outdoor banners are made out of PVC free banner which is harmlessly biodegradable with eyelets at each corner for hanging and the larger banners have two central eyelets for additional support
See our “How To Recycle” page for how to help us save the planet with your purchase