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Carbon Footprint

What is carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that is made due to the activities of organisations, communities and individuals. It is our job at BannerEco to keep our carbon dioxide levels as low as possible.

We will do this by:

Using DPD as our currier service, they are becoming carbon neutral. Please see their website for further details. DPD UK | The UK’s Most Sustainable Delivery Company

We use recycled triangular shaped packaging for our products. This means that more space is available in our delivery vehicles, allowing less trips to our warehouse when dispatching items. We do not use any unnecessary packaging.

Our PVC banners are biodegradable only

All paper is recycled

We do not send out unnecessary marketing materials



Always improving our promise wherever possible

Net zero carbon

Non polluting

Earth friendly

Climate change


We're Almost There

We're not yet 100% Eco-Friendly however, we are making improvements wherever possible to become carbon neutral. If you have any further ways to improve our promise and help us save our planet, please contact us on