The most common question asked when we started this business was...

The most common question asked when we started this business was...

The most common question asked when we started this business was...

What is the need for you to try and be Eco Friendly?


Well the Answer is simple...


Over the last 10 years the founders of Bannereco were Running a Small Commercial print company called FrancisPrint. As Jobs went by we often wondered what will happen to the materials we have printed once they have been used. Surely they must just be thrown away and put into land fill?... And clearly this is not very good for the environment.


PVC Banners are not only harmful to the planet for the produce but also Extremely harmful to dispose as they are not biodegradable. Fortunately for us we have managed to get a lot of time to travel the UK. We have seen some of the most magnificent places you could possibly visit. But how long are they going to be like this for. We believe doing a little is doing a lot. For example; if we decided not do anything and carry on as normal why would anyone else? If everyone made a small change to their lives it would make a huge impact on slowing down global warming.


On our travels around the UK we have seen a few problems which we believe are highly impacting the planet. Litter on the Beaches, waste disposal into the ocean, habitat destruction to build commercial and non commercial properties. In the last 100 years the ocean has risen approximately 15cm. If change doesn't happen this will never stop rising and our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren wont be able to experience as many of the fantastic sites to visit as we have now.

We could go on for hours and hours on how many different things are effecting our planet, but were not going to. Its down the the individual to make a small change now. Thats Exactly why we have made a change within our business.


If you enjoyed reading this topic we have put 10 things that YOU can do to help slow global warming. Even if you just brought one of these into you life it would make a huge impact.


1. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

2. Buy Second hand to reduce Extra Manufacturing in Factory's

3. Donate all of your used items to charity shops etc. Don’t throw away items that can be reused

4. Buy products with less packaging

5. Avoid using Disposable products were necessary

6. Change you light bulbs to Energy Efficient ones

7. Unplug Electronics when they're not in use

8. Create a compost bin in your garden

9. Eat less meat

10. Have your food shop delivered