How do I Personalise my Banner?

How do I Personalise my Banner?

Personalising is easy on our site. We have integrated software and a system that is simple and easy for use while being desktop and mobile friendly.

1. Browse the designs in the category you wish to purchase from

2. Click your chosen design


3. On the right hand side click the size or party pack you wish to add to you basket (More on sizes and packs can be seen in my last blog post)

4. Click upload image. You will be transferred automatically to your computer storage if on a PC or photo library on phones. You can then choose the desired photo. Crop and adjust and click ok.
5. Add information into line 1, for example Happy 21st Birthday
6. Add the name you wish for example Ellie

7. Add your item to basket and pay. You can do so by most major Credit cards and Debit Cards.