A Short Guide to Throwing a Successful Outdoor Baby Shower

A Short Guide to Throwing a Successful Outdoor Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is a time-consuming but highly rewarding process which allows you to shower the expectant mother with love before the arrival of her little one. It’s a time for friends and family to come together to show support and celebrate the child, who will make its way into the world just a few weeks after the celebration ends.

From choosing the right theme and decorations to organising fun games and delicious food, every element of a baby shower plays an important role in making the day memorable. But what if the event was hosted outdoors? Well, that changes a lot. This guide will walk you through the process of planning a successful outdoor baby shower.

Prepare the Space

Preparing the space is the first step in the outdoor baby shower planning process. If you’re hosting it in a garden, make sure it's cleared of any items irrelevant to the occasion that may take up space or look untidy. It’s also a good time to do some gardening to ensure everything looks neat. You could even purchase new flower pots to add more colour and pleasant aromas to the space.

Sort Seating

The next step is to sort the seating arrangement. It’s absolutely vital that your guests are comfortable, especially the mother-to-be! Create a relaxed, inviting space with a combination of garden furniture, such as benches and armchairs, with small coffee tables. If you don’t have some to hand, remember to purchase seat cushions so everyone is as comfortable as possible. This layout allows guests to move freely, creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Don't forget to set up a bar nearby, where attendees can grab drinks and leave gifts. Just make sure the drinks menu features plenty of non-alcoholic options for the guest of honour.

Don’t Forget to Weatherproof

It’s crucial that you weatherproof the baby shower, as the weather can turn unexpectedly. Nothing ruins an outdoor party quite like rain! But weatherproofing means that wet weather won’t dampen your spirits. Consider hiring or borrowing a gazebo to ensure the baby shower can continue if the heavens open. Always be prepared just in case it gets cold by providing blankets and throws that guests can snuggle under. For hotter days, fill an ice bucket, and provide suncream and cooling sprays so your guests don't overheat!

Purchase Decorations

Decorations are central to creating a positive atmosphere at the baby shower.

Baby Shower Banners

First and foremost, baby shower banners are an absolute must-have. They showcase the event’s theme and create a joyful atmosphere with sweet messages, such as “Let’s Celebrate Baby [surname]” or “It’s a Boy/Girl”. Place banners at the entrance and around the outdoor space to create key focal points and photo backdrops.


Another way to create a focal point is by purchasing a balloon arch. Choose balloons in soft pastel colours like rose gold, white and peach to give the arch a whimsical feel. Just like baby shower banners, balloons make excellent photo backdrops!


Another way to cheaply and easily brighten up your outdoor space is to hang bunting. Attach it to a fence or wall or drape them around trees to give the baby shower a playful and whimsical atmosphere.


If the baby shower is due to extend into the evening, you need to make sure the outdoor space is well-lit. But we’re not referring to floodlights; we’re talking about fairy lights, lanterns and candles. Fairy lights can be strung up in trees, draped over bushes and attached along fences to create a soft glow. Lanterns can be hung from branches or used to line walkways, whereas candles are perfect for the centre of coffee tables.

Organise Entertainment

One of the best things about baby showers is the entertainment. They help to break the ice between guests who don’t know each other well and, most importantly, put the mum-to-be at the centre of the event. One way to make the event memorable is to set up an outdoor photo booth with baby-related props. Create instant keepsakes by using a Polaroid camera so guests can snap photos to take home with them.

Another way to keep guests engaged is to play baby shower games. Perhaps one of the most common baby shower games is ‘guess the size of the bump’. It’s pretty self-explanatory; attendees guess the size of the expectant mother's bump, and whoever is closest wins. Other popular baby shower games include ‘baby shower bingo’, ‘guess the celebrity baby’, ‘the baby food taste test’ and ‘guess the due date’. These games are sure to get everyone laughing!

Provide Food

When it comes to food, the best option for a baby shower is a buffet, complete with sandwiches, crisps, fresh fruit, salad, savoury snacks and desserts so people can eat what they fancy on the day (this is particularly important if the mum-to-be has cravings that change regularly). Of course, every baby shower needs a cake! Purchase one from a local bakery or put your baking skills to the test and make the cake yourself. Either way, the guest of honour will be delighted!

Final Thoughts

Throwing an outdoor baby shower isn’t a straightforward task, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Watching the mum-to-be celebrating with her friends and family is a joy to experience, and you’ll be glad you offered to do it! From setting up the venue to choosing the most suitable decorations (like baby shower banners), activities and games, every element helps to create a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable day for all in attendance.