10 Ways to get into the Christmas spirit!

10 Ways to get into the Christmas spirit!

Its 2021 and between the corona virus pandemic and isolation it can be difficult to get yourself into the Christmas spirit! Here are 10 ways you can stay safe and create that festive feeling of the holidays! 


1. Decorate! Decorate! Decorate!

Decorating is quite the highlight for most people around Christmas time, filling your home, office or space with festive fun is a great way to start your holiday season. Anything from tinsel and baubles to festive photographs are sure to get you feeling Christmassy.



2. Christmas Music 

Who doesn't love a little bit of Christmas music? Dancing round your home while doing chores or singing your heart out with friends is bound to get anyone in the Christmas spirit!



 3. Baking 

Our favourite kind of baking would have to be Christmas cookies, whether you decide to decorate your own bauble cookies or bake a small forest of Christmas tree shaped cookies they should help get you in the Christmas mood, if not they are still guaranteed to be be delicious!



4. Christmas films

Gathering on the sofa with your family all huddled together watching Christmas films is not only festive but so wholesome that you can't help but feel festive.



5. Christmas Cards 

Sending Christmas cards to family, friends and co-workers is a great way spread the festive fun! Christmas cards are perfect for building bridges with neighbours not to mention reconnecting and checking in with old friends and loved ones.



6. Putting your tree up early

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree in your home. Having a permanent presence of Christmas around like a beautifully decorated tree will get anyone anticipating the 25th!



7. Decorating a Christmas tree with your loved ones 

Having your loved ones gathered around a tree and sharing in the fun of decorating it together isn't just festive it's a cornerstone of Christmas.



8. Christmas crafts 

Creating fun for the whole family would be getting crafty with your Christmas decorations. From creating your own Christmas cards to practicing your DIY bauble skills there is so much fun to be had creating your own decoration with your loved ones.



9. Check out the holiday events and decoration in your town 

Traveling to the heart of your town is normally a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, just seeing all of the pretty Christmas lights scattered around town is enough to get anyone in the mood and there is normally Christmas events on too!



10. Give... 

The holidays are all about the giving spirit and not just to your loved ones, there are unfortunately plenty of people, animals and organisations that need lots of help during this time. Whether you are donating old clothes, toys or food there are so many places you can go to be able to support people in need and your gift will be what they appreciate most this Christmas.