1 Week to go!

1 Week to go!

1 Week to go! 


I hope everyone is excited as we are to open the new online eco-friendly personalised banner store. The team have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that the website is user friendly, clean, sleek and jam packed with 100's of different celebration designs for you to choose from. 


Luckily for us were in a good situation where all of the machinery and infrastructure is in place. All we have to do between now and a weeks time is tweak it to keep it as carbon neutral as possible. Due to the industry were in we cannot completely cancel it out but we will be continuously looking for extra small changes and steps we can take. 


Although one of our main objectives is to stay eco-friendly our main goal is to ensure our customers have a easy and effective website to work with to make the experience as friendly as possible. Because without customers we don't have a business, we strongly run with the attitude that the customer should be completely satisfied in all scenarios. If that isn't the case we have a friendly team on the end of emails to deal with any queries and requests you might fall upon. 


We might not offer same day dispatch like other competitors but we can guarantee you will be satisfied by the outstanding quality of work you receive at an extremely reasonable price within 3-5 Working days. 


I would just like to finish this topic with a Thank you to everyone from our client list who has helped us along the way and the work effort the team has put in to ensure the business could be where it is today. This has been an ongoing project for over a year now and we needed to make sure the whole process was watertight and the problems that arose we fixed efficiently. 


Yours Sincerely 

The BannerEco Team